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. >>> still ahead on al jazeera america - florida cities want to keep plastic bags off the beaches. state legislature is stopping in their way. -- standing in their way. there's more to finical news than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, can fracking change what you pay for water each month? have you thought about how climate change can effect your grocery bill? could rare minerals in china effect your cell phone bill? or, how a hospital in texas could drive up your health care premium. i'll make the connections from the news to your money real. >>> al jazeera's anchor john seigenthaler suffered a personal lose that many sell. his father john seigenthaler passed away at the age of 86. he made a mark in joumpism and shaped civil rites movement. paul beban has the story. >> reporter: champion for civil rites, advisor to the kennedys, and meant or to young al gore. john seigenthaler senior was a journalist, confident apt and witness to watershed moments in our nation's history. born in nashville in 1927 he was a vor ashes reader, chasing stories at an early age, becoming editor-in-
the nomination then barack obama. >> host: next florida, john end up in i line. >> caller: yes i i believe the great economy in the mid-90s inspired bill clinton but not because of him. bill clinton signed off on nafta and approving china being the most favored nation status of all 20 years ago and then he signed off on the repeal of the glass-steagall act which caused the great recession and we know nafta set the stage for china and other countries giving up our manufacturing jobs. our economy now is a result of bill clinton. hopefully that democrats will get someone credible like joe biden to run and certainly not hillary. thank you. >> guest: well thank you for that question. it is interesting that bill clinton may be the single most popular politician in america if not the entire world right now. there seems to be a collective amnesia about what the clinton presidency was like. we did balance the budget as you said during the clinton years and we did do reform of welfare but that was in conjunction with a republican congress which in many ways forced its hand. what we seem to have forg
who came to the u.s. as part of the operation took part in the discussion. florida international university posted this 45-minute event. [applause] th
, clay starbuck who was a boy on vacation from alaska when he laid eyes on her in florida 20 years earlier. cold and hot worlds colliding. >> i told her that i lived in alaska. she probably thought she was lucky that she wouldn't see me again. i don't know how that. >> reporter: but she did. they married within months and settled in alaska where clay worked on the pipeline, started a family right away. and there were issues. aren't there always? clay wasn't interested in church, not the way she was. she wanted you to be there. >> yeah, i couldn't. i couldn't meet her there. it is a big issue. and i'm not sitting here saying i was right and it had to be my way or she was wrong. that's not an issue at all. we were different. >> reporter: they divorced in 2000, hot and cold. they'd lasted ten years that time. yes, that time. full of hope and good will, they tried again in 2006, they remarried, moved to washington state, set up a house in deer park. and from there clay commuted up to his job in alaska, which meant he had to be gone weeks at a time. so when he came home -- >> the kids a
. >> you are not alone. they might be. i looked at a skis that has decimated oranges in florida, and maybe in california. iranians iranians - - available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> al jazeera america presents >> i'm pretty burnt out, if i said that i'm perfectly fine, i would be lying. >> 15 stories one incredible journey edge of eighteen coming september only on al jazeera america [ ♪ music ] >>> welcome to "techknow", rita, are the oranges and the limes and grape fruits that i love in trouble. >> one of the places where we make a lot of orange juice, there's a disease called citrus greening spread by a bug. it's devastating orange groves throughout the state. the jury is out in california. the bugs are making the way over here. biologists are trying to control the disease with another bug, a parasite that eats the bug that spreads the disease from the inside out. let's have a look at it. . >> reporter: you wouldn't know it at first clarnings but an en -- glance, but an epic battle of the bugs is taking place on orange trees in southern california. it'
through medicaid expansion. >> we're in south-central florida about 45 minutes west of orlando to meet denise wade. denise and her husband barry were living the good life-good jobs, insurance, house. they didn't realize how vulnerable they were. but despite assurances that the federal government would largely fund the expansion, more than 20 states opted out. florida is one of them. >> hi are you denise? >> yes, i am. >> i'm josh rushing. >> very nice to meet you. please come in. >> nice to meet you. thank you so much. >> in 2005, denise wade and her husband barry moved to florida to help her aging parents. they had solid careers and financial security. >> a fairy tale wedding huh? >> it was. it really was a fairytale wedding. >> what was he like? >> he was very assertive. he was an extrovert. he was very gregarious. he would give you the shirt off his back. in the economic downturn, barry lost his job and health insurance-and then he was diagnosed with cancer. their ideal life quickly fell apart. the affordable care act was supposed to help people like denise. but like millions of oth
jazeera's natasha g inform ame reports, in florida, there is a law on the books challenging that restriction. >> beneath the palm trees hugging the miami coastline, there is this muck created by man. a few times a week, david muler tries to pick up bucket did of garbage. he focuses on usualban tumble weeds. >> plastic bags are ludicrous. it's craze they don't bring their reusable bags. >> 170 cities and counties in the u.s. have laws banning or curtailing the use of plastic bags but in florida, home to world famous beaches, a state law prohibits cities from passing laws that would restrict or ban plastic bags. florida state senator gitbullard has been trying to change that for the last three years. >> it seems like a no-brainer. the obstruction was what the surprise was. >> bullard says elementary school kids in his district inspired his bill. >> plastic bags are not by 0 degradable and can kill marine life, they wrote to city officials calling for a ban. the florida legislature isn't budging. the retail federation lobbied for the ban on banning plastic bags and testified ag
of the importance of winning the state of florida. barack obama ended up winning florida in 2012 and the white house and not mitt romney. much like vice presidential selections. much made to the political ramifications. unless the gop nominates lebron james and it is a home run all around. vegas is where they should all good. no city is equipped to host a convention like vegas with the climate and conventions and night life. what happens in vegas won't stay in vegas. that's why they never seem to go there. >>> nora, give me another one. love this. randy bish from the pittsburgh tribune review. eventually, life on earth returned to normal. well, not yet. germany and argentina tomorrow will battle it out in the world cup. i'm for germany. it is not because i like the german pope more than the argentinean pope. both popes are represented in the world cup. germany defeated the united states 1-0. i think it will make our guys look good if we lost to the team that goes on to win the world cup. those are my thoughts on the world cup. go germany tomorrow. what's next? there are no secrets between friends, r
in florida. >>> if you were in medically induced coma or had no access to electronics, yes lebron james is headed back home. the four time m.v.p. announced he was leaving miami to return to the team that drafted him first overall in 2003, the cleveland cavaliers. james' deal, two years -- own two years but 42.1 million. not so only right there: >>> to the pitch and the union will host the colorado rapids in less than an hour in chester. philadelphia lost to dallas last week and they're two points out of the playoff spot in the eastern conference. but some help could be on the way as the club has acquired jamaican international brian brown on loan from harbor view fc for the remainder of the season. he's a 21 year old striker who had 20 goals in 32 appearances this past season. >> wow. nice. >>> i was on vacacation but even i heard about lebron. twitter was out of control. >> i don't know if it was possible to avoid that. >> i don't think i could have been anywhere on the planet and not hear about that. >> some of natasha's money. >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. some of the area's fines
with murdering a man at a florida movie theater is out of jail tonight after six months behind bars 71 year old curtis reeves is home. judge set bail at 150,000 dollars on friday and he's now home on house arrest. and he must wear that ankle bracelet. it was in january as we said he got into a dispute with another movie goer at a tampa theater over texting. he's accused of shooting that man saying he feared for his life. his trial is expected to start next year. >>> a 10 week old kittens toed off a savannah, georgia bridge surveillance arrived after swimming to shore. the kitten made it to the shore but got stuck in the mud. marine patrol and animal control officers teamed up to rescue the little male kitten. they've now named him inform emo. >> a woman named after aviator amelia earhart finish the mission she set out to do. she flew around the world. 31 year old amelia -- rose earhart is her middle name, rose, ended her journey today in oakland, california. she says she flew a single engine plane along the equator and while the a meal yas are not at all related, earhart says having the same na
.w. law school professor and another a professor in florida. they will make an argument of why the house does have standing to sue the president over his executive actions on the employer mandate and obamacare. >> it seems like they keep turning their way through the 20 15th spending bills. what is ahead for the next week? >> the irs appropriations will come up. it will be a chance for republicans to punish the irs for the tea party targeting controversy as well as some of the other controversies the agency has gotten itself in. increased funding is ahead for the irs. >> and headline in politico shows senator john cornyn. this was part of the statement that senator cornyn made after president obama was down in texas, meeting with governor perry and others. requested 3.7has billion dollars from congress. when will they finally hold a hearing on that? bethat is still to determined. they are not thrilled with that amount. hal rogers thinks that number is way too high. a number of texas republicans are not feeling any rush to fund that request as is. they will go through with the normal appr
to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >>> well, they certainly might dream of a better life here but the reality, they are breaking the law to get here, and if they get caught in many cases, most cases, they're going back home, back to poverty, back to crime and in many cases back to slums worse than anything we have here in the u.s. so, what happens when that trip to the u.s. becomes a round-trip ticket back to guatemala or honduras? rosa flores has more. >> reporter: they came by the thousands ending up here in crowded detention centers, some as young as 5. the federal government in southwestern states struggling and arguing with how to deal with them as they work through processing them all. many of them sent alone in the hopes the u.s. will have compassion and allow them to stay. >> we have to send a clear message. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton weighing in to cnn, her message send t
and adaptation plans from cities such as new york city, new orleans, seattle, san diego, florida and the gulf coast. example, existing development projects in the bay area that incorporating sea level rise into the design and planning include much of the puc's sewer and stormwater improvements, treasure island redevelopment, pier 70 redevelopment project, and seawall lot 337. this slide shows a comparison of the sea level rise estimates that were done by our consultant cos back in 2011 averts us sea level rise estimates that were developed by the national research council. and at this time the use of the national research council or nrc projections [speaker not understood] appropriate for capital planning purposes because they encompass the best available science, have been derived considering local and regional processes and conditionses and they're used as consistent with current state guidelines. we know for sure that we will have sea level rise, but ultimately it will be difficult to predict. uncertainty increases over time because of uncertainty in greenhouse gas emission trends, uncerta
who can walk that through. as an example, in florida, you may be familiar with allied burton. they do a lot of security guard contracts. they have a charm and to hiring veterans. the trust is so great that they are reaching out to our homeless grantees and making specific efforts to hire homeless veterans into their security guard program. this partnership works. example of a company that is so comfortable using the job centers to staff their veteran objective that they are going beyond that and reaching really special veterans populations. it is a tremendous opportunity and we are happy to export that practice. >> the good news on our end is that we have an interagency partnership at the federal level which is actually working. we came together, we decided what it was that we needed to do, we have all committed resources, staffing, millions of dollars into the transition assistance program, the new curriculum, as well as getting staffed on the installations and in the communities to address the needs of the transitioning service members. we have put the pieces of the curriculum toget
-span3. next is mark from fort lauderdale, florida calling in. hi, mark. caller: hi, how are you doing? host: good. caller: thank you for c-span and mr. kerik for bringing this to the front. i called and the inmate -- called in on the inmate line because i served some time myself. you had a tweet that stole my thunder -- the shoe is on the other foot. mr. kerik, as you are climbing the ladder, and even when you reached the top of the food chain, you always thought that permitted -- prisoners and criminals as earth more time, that they were getting off to easy -- deserved more time, and they were getting off too easy, and now i like to see that you see how rough things can be for people that fall into the system. when i was in the bureau of prisons, i met some fallen politicians, some judges, and they all say the same thing, if only i knew then what i knew now. host: why were you in prison? --ler: bank fraud and host: bank fraud. host: were you guilty? caller: i thought i was not, but the judge told me i was. host: thank you. bernard kerik. guest: if someone told me before you willrison
. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. >>> as hamas militants continue to fire even more rockets into israeli, the israeli military is firing back in defense. this as the security council has called for a cease-fire. but israeli deputy defense minister says that's like the u.s. settling with the 9/11 terrorists. >> the cease-fire is between hamas and israel. it's like i will tell you that president obama would sign a treaty with osama bin laden, with al qaeda. those people, you can actually buy cease-fire or get into a cease-fire, only when you show that you are strong and you are determined. i think it's too early to speak about it. >> ambassador dan gilman is a former ambassador to the united nations and joins us now from tel aviv. ambassador, it seems like hamas militants have the irani-made rockets that can hit tel aviv. how d
? >> everywhere in the united states, from new york, california, florida, chicago. everywhere that you can think of. they have relative where is they're going to. >> ma'am, what do you hear from them that their understanding is, that once they get here, what they'll be able to do? do you find that there is confusion where many of them believe once they get here, that they'll get some kind of a pass or permit to stay? or are they just taking their chances? what are you hearing from them? >> you know, they're taking their chances. i think the point that we find them, they're in such distress that they are really very vulnerable and scared, frightened. and so they're just grateful that somebody was able to extend, open their arms and help them in the way that we are helping them. so many people from the community are offering to help them, to give them a hand, to show them some love. so at that point, they're not saying that they're expecting anything other than they're grateful they can travel and go with some family member. >> ma'am, last thing to you here. i know you've seen some of the coverage
our investigation, wisconsin, louisiana, colorado, and florida, have enacted new restrictions on child advertising, custody transfers, or both. the sponsor of the wisconsin bill called rehoming "a gaping hole that allows children to be placed in unsafe situations with dangerous and sometimes life-threatening outcomes." in terms of the federal response, the congressional research service issued a report recommending ways congress could restrict rehoming. and as you know, the government accountability office will begin studying state and federal policies related to rehoming this summer. at the request of senator ron widen, four federal departments have been meeting to address ways to address rehoming. some advertise shock that advertising children on line does not seem to violate any federal laws. some child advocates say a federal law should place uniform restrictions on advertising of children and require that all custody transfers of children to non-relatives be approved by a court. they say differing state responses are inadequate to address what is largely an interstate practice. ot
of the country are hot right now, overheated. the south where i'm from, florida, california, 14% below the peak crisis before the bubble burst. >> you're a master of real estate. you started with a $50,000 fixer-upper. we have a picture. you were able to take that, put it, you know, take the risk, go for it, turn it around, and developed some amazing properties that are selling for lots of money. you have been successful at it. you teach people all across the country about moving ahead, having the motivation to go forward, and you give them the skills. i mean, there's a new book out talking about this, and what is the number one problem facing people as they try to get through that fear and how do you teach them to overcome it? >> traveling the country, making big events, where we've gone to all four corners of the country. fear is always associated with a contemplation of taking a risk, not the actual taking of the risk, but the contemplation of taking the risk. that risk is almost always associated with a big change or challenge in your life, relational, dietary, financial, spiritual. i exerc
into florida. it's by a florida artist,less stanford. he's a professor. he's also done burning washington, and in my office i have, actually, one of the, one of the engravings from 1819 of the capital that he used in the book. soñnñ les stanford, last train o paradise. finally, this summer i've been going through the library of congress series on presidents. the last one was on wilson. scott berg gave the lecture, and i look forward this summer to finish this volume. i'm pretty excited about that. >> what are you reading this summer? tell us what's on your summer reading list. tweet us @booktv, post it to our facebook page or send us an e-mail, >> here's a look at some books being published this week: >> look for these titles in booksts this coming week and watch for the authors in the near future on booktv and on >>> c-span2, providing live coverage of the u.s. senate floor proceedings and key public policy events. and every weekend, booktv. now for 15 years the only television network devoted to nonfiction books and authors. c-span2, created by the cable
sandy babies in new jersey, hurricane ike babies in texas. in 2005 parts of florida had a mini baby boom after charlie, francis, ivan and jean hit the area the year before. a study from byu and johns hopkins look at the, quote, fertile the effect of catastrophe. researchers found a spike in pregnancies especially in case where is areas were moderately impacted by hurricanes but still livable. advertisers have had fun with the theory. hyundai's new world cup ad shows if a team scores so do their fans. [♪ music ] here's hoping a new generation of soccer fans will come from this one. coming up we'll keep up the soccer talk 15 years after the u.s. victory of the women's world cup. germany and argentina's men take center stage in brazil on >> on tech know, imagine getting the chance to view the world. >> the brain is re-learning how it sees again >> after decades in the dark, >> i couldn't get around on my own >> a miraculous bionic eye... >> i'm seeing flashes >> great >> tech know, every saturday go where science meets humanity. >> this is some of the best driving i've every done, even t
others were injured. the crash is being investigated. >>> and the former florida police captain charged in fatally shooting a man inside a movie theater is out of jail this morning. curtis reeves was released on $150,000 bail on friday and reeves has been ordered to stay home and surrender his firearms. he's accused of shooting 43-year-old chad oulson inside a theater in january after oulson apparently refused to stop texting during the previews. reeves claims he fired in self-defense. >>> and the texas man charged with capital murder in the killing of four children and their parents collapses in front of a judge. ronald haskell was standing before a judge during arraignment when he fell to his knees. haskell was apparently looking for his ex-wife wednesday when he allegedly shot six members of her family execution style. the defense says they will focus on haskell's mental health. and no word why he collapsed. haskell is being held without bail. >>> and in a rare public appearance, former cuban leader fidel castro greeted russian president vladimir putin. putin was in cuba to promote r
to survive. the shooting happening at 18 in florida st. about 130 this morning. she was shot inside of a car. she prober starved to is surfaces good general were she was in stable condition no arrests have been made in the act shooting. >>: will lead to the arrest to the arrest of the man accused of the death of sierra lamar. there was an extensive search for her body but has there been found garcia taurus is played for her disappearance. and found sierras hair and a rope and a trunk of his car. his day in a will is actually felt on her pants. he pled not guilty to the crime. oakland police department releases the results of a car accident that happened last month. at the time the witnesses say that mayor crime may have been on the cellphone during the crash. >>: the terms of the mayor was on the fold during the crash. this is a look of the aftermath of that crash at 26 and market street. the mayor was in a city owned vehicle despite some witnesses telling investigators that the mayor was on the phone at the time. she possibly ran a red light immediately after the crash she claimed she was n
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floor, a republican-conceived bill, and you have senator marco rubio from florida saying actually the president's request of $3.7 billion included things for wildfires, that only half was to be used for trying to help these children with medical care and all the treatment that they need to get them out of those dreadful circumstances that we've seen, all the pictures of and news of, on the television. as are to the president acting unilaterally, that's part of the problem. when, right before the 2012 election that he acted unilaterally to allow children who were here illegally to be able to stay in the country, which is acted as a magnet. we've seen a spike, a surge, in these border crossings by unaccompanied minors. 52,000 since october and. >> now what the president himself call as humanitarian crisis. the criticism of the president is not just coming from republicans. it's coming from democrats as well. a you saw a representative, floored when he saw the president do a photo op in colorado with the governor shooting pool, drinking beer and refusing to go to the border while in
with that forecast? >> for florida? yes. i think so. i saw the cumulus clouds. it certainly didn't look like california. we have the low clouds this morning spreading across the bay. already looking to clouds inland, as well. so it is a great start in san francisco with numbers near 60. a little milder. we are talking about a cooler afternoon at the coast. warmer, though, around the bay and inland. we will talk about the warmest day of the weekend, which is going to be pretty hot, coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next, a controversial call ends the a's game in seattle. why the a's were so upset with why the a's were so upset with the umpire. llions of us. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. why the a's were so upset with the umpire. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that
. this is the image that the florida republican party tweeted out in the wake of that announcement. it says, what do these two guys have in common? they both ran away. you'll recall the former governor charlie krist first left the republican party to become an independent senate candidate and now is running for his old job on the democratic ticket. i know you wanted to jump in on the other discussion. we're switching gears. >> actually an interesting tactic and i find it interesting that the arrival of lebron could put a wrench into republican plans for the convention which i think is sort of a great story with respect to lebron's return to cleveland. the reality of the situation is that i think it is an interesting tactic but i don't see the -- >> what is interesting is charlie crist's personal message is i have always been this person, always been this kind of belief system. i've left, the republican party didn't take me where i wanted to go and now i'm coming home to being a democrat. >> the journey, the jersey burning industry is so over the top. you have people burning lebron's jerseys in cleve
of the immediate west. >> a florida man accused of shooting another man over texting in a movie theatre is out of gaol. a judge granted curtis a 150 bail and the retirement police captain is facing second degree murder charms. he was anning -- charges. attorneys say reece shot olsen in defence. the trial is expected to take place next year. >> the lone survivor of an execution-style attack on a houston family has been released from hospital. 15-year-old cassidy is expected to make a full economy. on-haas kill, an ex-uncle tied and killed four siblings. she played dead and then called 911, helping miss. >>> the u.s. is in the midst of a worst epidemic. cheaper doses of the drug has flooded the market making it a drug abused the most. in new jersey heroin is killing more people than car accidents. >> one, two... . >> reporter: daniel grew ub with advantages. av lups and a loving family were -- affluence and a loving family did not stop him growing up and being a heroin addict. >> this is not something you quit one day. i put my parents through hell and back again. they never gave up. they kept p
on "god bless america," "help our troops" help the real issues, you know. >> in naples, florida, we are talking about college athletics this morning, the role of congress in the oversight of college athletics coming off of that high-profile hearing. a special line for current and former athletes. gary is on that line calling in from elizabethtown, pennsylvania. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> good, gary. go ahead. >> yes. i believe congress should do what they are supposed to do. they need to keep their nose out of this. they are not doing their job as it is. excuse me. they are sending an awful bad message to the students who go to college. they are getting to the point to where they believe they are entitled to everything. as for students being paid, i believe that you need to work your way up to get to that level. look what they have done to joe paterno, after all of the money he has earned that school and they kick at that man when he is down. i believe it's awful. >> gary, let me ask you: you are a former college athlete. where do you come down on the unionizat
accused of opening fire in a florida movie theater is out of jail. why a judge allowed curtis reevess to go home. >>> and a small plane gets into trouble mid-flight. >>> warm day today and only slightly humid, but more humid tomorrow, as we move late into tomorrow afternoon and monday and tuesday, storms come back into play, it's summer after all. we'll be back with the accuweather seven day. >>> the man accused of killing six members of his ex-wife's family collapsed in court yesterday. as the judge read some of the charges against ron haskell. he shot his wife's inlaws and four of their children. one survived the attack. >> they say he suffers from medical issues and is not taking his medication. >>> the man responsible for a deadly movie theater shooting, curtis reeves is charged with the murder of chad olson, he shot him in front of his wife because he didn't like olson texting in the movie theater, is he on house arrest until his trial. and is on gps monitoring. >>> american airlines says a technical issue caused their plane to be money landed. the plane was in route from hawaii
from forest park high school in prince william county. he was planning on attending college in florida this fall. he drowned monday while swimming with friends. that memorial tonight 8:30 at mt. claire elementary school. >>> this morning a woman is looking for answers in her sister's murder in northern virginia. miss worku found her sister dead on the floor. she ate dinner with her sister the night before, watched tv, then they went to separate bedrooms to go to sleep. the next morning she found her sister strangled to death. >> please find my sister killer. please. i'm begging you guys. >> asabech moved from ethiopia nine years ago. she worked at this restaurant as a cook for five years. she had no kids and was not n her death, call alexandria police. >>> and we're following a developing story overseas for you right now. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his country will continue to defend itself from militants in the gaza strip. the gaza health ministry says more than 120 people in gaza have been killed. israel launched air strikes five days ago in response to rocket fir
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operating them retired florida police captain accused of failingsly shooting a man for texting during a movie preview. confined to jail he has been charged with second degree murder. pleaded not guilty claiming self-defense. clayton? >> thank you, tucker. well, if you knew the flight you were about to book will go down in price. we have just the ticket to save you some big cash on your summer vacation. kurt, the cyber guy is here with the latest sites and apps this morning. we are right now in prime travel season and people are looking for a deal. certainly have the hurricane season rolling out. get some deals. >> because the hurricanes are coming. >> truth is up early god reason this morning. write this stuff down. this is stuff that's on its way. this one you were talking about earlier flier take the e out of it an app. that comes out. this is just a web version of it that anybody can get from your phone or from your computer screen. flight number you are about to book and the date you are going to travel. hey, hang on a second. we think the price might go down on this. >> on tuesda
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was working in florida and it was one of the things where nothing was right. the job wasn't right. the guy wasn't right. nothing was right. i was driving and i just kept driving. i drove to the keys and i stopped. and i stopped at a hotel and i checked in. it was late at night. i remember i went walking alone and there was a group of people getting ready to go on a midnight fishing tour. they said come on, we need one more. i got on that boat and we were fishing and got a beer for the first one you caught and we cooked all of the fish at like 2:00 in the morning. >> hoda loves a huge moon. >> it was so awesome. i remember it so vividly and taking a shower with the fresh towels. i liked it. everything was clean. >> everything was nicely organized. >>> it is our fan friday. every friday we show you some things you have been sharing. >> we have been counting down the days until hoda turns 50. only 30 days to go. >> i don't like when we break it down. >> we noticed this photo from terry celebrating her 50th by jumping out of a plane. >> who does that? >> would you do that? >> no. i wouldn't. >
inestabilidad en el sur de la florida actividad de precipitaciones del grueso de la tormenta sigue afectando del sur al medio oeste en las prÓximas 36 horas de domingo se va a mover hacia todo el noreste provocando en ny, el washington dc condiciones muy severas tenemos toda esta humedad que va afectar al noroeste, en chicago se aproximan condiciones muy severas especialmente esta noche. las mÁximas temperaturas para maÑana en los 84 grados en el norte del paÍs hacia el centro el paÍs 96, kansas muy similar la temperatura en comparaciÓn a seattle con 90 asÍ que hacia el norte de nosotros en los Ángeles van a tener temperaturas mucho mÁs cÁlidas llega el fin de semana, uno las acepta mejor que si fuera la semana laboral, las temperaturas para maÑana en el norte del paÍs en los 84, recuerde que para la prÓxima semana todas las temperaturas altas para cambiar, muchos lo van a agradecer, dallas con 100 en grado, miami se queda con 90 grados las chicas que mencionaban un dÍa gris porque perdemos al lebrÓn james pero al menos atravesemos los campeonatos que le dio al miami. muy buen fin
this morning by my wife and i would like to introduce her. we went to college in orange park, florida, she is active and she holds the clock of our nation together. this includes how remarkable she is and i would not be here today without her. over the last two years my good friend has led the norad teams with distinction and if confirmed i look forward to building these trivet adverts and i'd like to make two points before receiving your information and there is no greater responsibility for a military office or to defend the nation that we call home. and this includes providing support to federal levels when the american people are in their need. and i would like to passionately execute them. in this includes building international coalitions to confront us all. so these have includes engaging me for this and this is confirmed and i will work closely with the combatant commanders and soldiers in the national guard and reserve and the governors of our state over the department of homeland security's and if confirmed i also look forward to working forward with this committee on the task re
. these five girls in central florida last week were paddle boarding and slammed into these rocks. >> i thought we were going to die. we couldn't breathe. >> reporter: alex and her friends scrambling onto this rock jetty. so what do you do in a rip current? >> your instinct is to go right there to the shore, that is exactly what you should not do. swim horizontal to the shore to get out. >> reporter: and an easy lesson by the mayor. >> when you go to the beach, you will find flags and safety signage, and ask the lifeguard whether or not all that means. >> reporter: your chances of dying in the water, about 18 million to one, you're 100 times more likely to die in the lightning strike. so if you do wade out in the waves this weekend, rescue crews say sure, bring your camera. but don't forget your common sense. for "nightline." i'm matt gutman, in miami. >>> up next, home is where the heart is. >>> abc news "nightline." brought to you by nissan. ♪ da-da-da-da-da, bum-da, bum-da ♪ ♪ bum-da, bum-da ♪ the animals went in two by two ♪ ♪ the sheep and the frog and the kangaroo ♪ ♪ and
discussion. thank you mr. chairman. >> chair thanks the gentleman, now recognize the gentleman from florida, mr. bilirakis. >> i appreciate it and thank the panel for their testimony today. i know we've been talking about this and you've had an opportunity. i want to give you more of an opportunity to respond on this. on wednesday i asked one of the witnesses about his statement in including patients in the clinical trial process but i want to make sure you have every opportunity to respond to this. if patients had a greater role in clinical trial design and you touched about this. if trials measured equal davive data from patients like how do you feel? is it less painful, what have you, how would things be definite and what would you like to see? we'll start with -- >> i'd like to start. first of all, the patient reported outcomes i think has been part of every clinical trial in cystic fibrosis for the last 10 or 15 years. some of the tools are not the best at this point but we are working to refine them. we have spent a large effort to look at patient reported outcomes the specific valida
a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. friends later this morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. set your alarm. she will. brand-new "red eye" returns on monday. we have jim norton and mike baker and joe piscapo. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> his trophy kill made them ill. steven spielberg did not poach a dinosaur. it was posted as a joke and it was shared more than 30,000 times. the caption reads "disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a triceratopps." please share so the world can know this despicable man. it was days after a controversial hunting photo. the spielberg photo was obviously taken on the set of "jurassic park." but the satire went over many heads. said one commenter, i just reported this picture. i hope you can join me in stoping these cowards. added another, disgusting. said another, i bet he only
to happen. >> looking at the cam from -- >> from wptv in west palm beach, florida. watch what happens to poor old glenn. >> oh, there he is. >> oh, my gosh, no! >> there's a spider on the weather cam. when they broadcast the shot of the weather cam all in the green screen, that spider looks like it's bigger than glenn. >> huge. >> yeah. >> like spidernado florida edition. >> terrifying. first thing you see when you turn the television on. >> go on, guy, let's go up. that's live tv. >> tell you what, he kept his cool, though. nowhere near the spider. >> no. >> he needs a way -- glenn pretepnds it's coming for him. >> i like that, good work. >>> mike and tom, no ordinary guys. >> i like them. >> see what they do next "right this minute," and still to come, it's not your average surf video because this dude -- >> oh -- >> most definitely surfing the waves. >> how he did the carve. s'mores are a summer time favorite, but sometimes you can't control the flame and get a charred marshmallow. the secret to the perfect s'more next. toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect
, the president goes to north carolina, in may, chicago. in july, maine. in august, panama, city, florida. and then just days later the president heads. then another trip to hawaii which brings to us 2011. so where is president obama at an important time like this? he is officially on vacation in massachusetts on martha's vineyard for 10 days. and months later back to hawaii. president is wrapping up hawaiian vacation and he is headed to air force one. and then election year 2012, a summer trip but the president still making it to hawaii in december. cutting it short to deal with the fiscal cliff. and then, returning days later. the price tag on that second round trip flight? more than 3.2 million tax dollars. the president right now at this very minute is in hawaii playing golf. and in 2013 he is off to palm city, florida. president obama taking on tiger woods on the golf course. and then, back to march that's vineyard. president obama is taking a vacation. >> another posh estate. in december, more than two weeks in honolulu. and this time serious controversy. the first lady would remain
. we saw hurricane sandy babies in new jersey, hurricane ike babies in texas. in 2005 parts of florida had a mini baby boom after charlie, francis, ivan and jean hit the area the year before. a study from byu and johns hopkins look at the, quote, fertile the effect of catastrophe. researchers found a spike in pregnancies especially in case where is areas were moderately impacted by hurricanes but still livable. advertisers have had fun with the theory. hyundai's new world cup ad shows if a team scores so do their fans. [♪ music ] here's hoping a new generation of soccer fans will come from this one. coming up we'll keep up the soccer talk 15 years after the u.s. victory of the women's world cup. germany and argentina's men take center stage in brazil on know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. >> the death toll could be much higher than anyone known. >> posing as a buyer... >> ...people ready then... >> mr. president >> who should answer for those people >> the world cup has gripped america, but will it hold after sunday's final match? 15 years ago this week ran
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